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City of Woodland East Regional Pond Native Plantingpond

Project Summary
Type Habitat restoration project
Project Lead Chris Robbins
Partner City of Woodland

Project Overview

The overall purpose of the project is to establish native vegetation for the benefit of wildlife and citizens of Woodland.  The project will also include the design and installation of interpretive signage. The educational value of the signage will increase the value of the project for the public. The plantings will improve habitat and food sources for wildlife, and improve aesthetics, wildlife viewing, and along with the interpretive signage, provide education opportunities for citizens.  The project site with its proximity to residential units and wildlife habitat provides a unique experience for Woodland area residents and educate them about their natural surroundings; as well as enhance habitat for resident and migratory wildlife.  Additionally, the native vegetation may help filter runoff, improving water quality.

Project Description

Start date May 2010
End date On-going
Type of Activity
  • Preparation of planting areas
  • Installation of irrigation system
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, and grasses
  • Irrigation
  • Maintenance for weed control
  • Replace dead plants
  • Noticeably treated targeted non-native weeds (2 treatments) within 120 days of notice to proceed. 
  • A draft Revegetation Plan ready for review within 90 days,
  • A Final Plan within 30 days after receiving comments from City Staff.
  • Quarterly progress reports and invoices.
  • Improve wildlife habitat for a broad range of species;
  • Create new habitat for targeted species such as the Tricolored Blackbird;
  • Enhance wildlife viewing and aesthetics;
  • Provide outdoor educational opportunities for visitors, students, and community groups;
  • Utilize native plants that will require minimal long-term maintenance and contribute to improved water quality. 


Site Name

Woodland East Regional Pond

Address East side of the intersection of County Road 102 and Farmers Central Road
Size (acres) 148 Acres