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The Yolo County Resource Conservation District

The Yolo County Resource Conservation District (YCRCD) serves over 650,000 acres, including diverse agricultural operations, rangeland, public open space, and developed areas and municipalities. The YCRCD has accomplished a number of successes in improving water quality, addressing water conservation issues in urban and rural areas, preserving and restoring habitat, and developing new ways of achieving conservation goals. The YCRCD uses a model of cooperation and voluntary action instead of regulation to solve complex local, regional, and statewide issues. Our activities of the past year all bear some stamp of collaboration or partnership, which has been critical to their success. Our major projects and programs that have furthered YCRCD’s goal of promoting voluntary land stewardship in Yolo County include:

Carbon Farm Plan: Yolo Land and Cattle
In coordination with the Carbon Cycle Institute, NRCS and Scott Stone completed a carbon farm plan for a 7,400-acre cattle ranch.

Cache Creek Nature Preserve
Collaboration with Cache Creek Conservancy to activily restore 44 acres of critical riparian habitat along Cache Creek.

City of Woodland Stormwater Pond
Native grassland and riparian planning and management for the East Regional and Storz Pond stormwater detention facilities.

Water Conservation Workshop Series
Coordination of 4 workshops for the City of Woodland.

Westside Sacramento IRWMP
Administration and coordination for the implementation of the Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
Ag lease management services for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, including conservation planning in the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area.

Yolo Creek and Community Partnership
Planning and management of on-farm restoration and habitat conservation projects in Yolo County’s agricultural community, in partnership with the Center for Land-Based Learning and Putah Creek Council.